Welcome to Delton!
Rest in Peace Walter, you will be missed by so, so many

Walter has been the core of our community since Delton started up in 1961. One of his goals was that we remained the only community league without paid staff, and considering the number of hours he has put into this hall, his commitment was nothing less than astonishing. Our ice rink was his pride and joy- our Zamboni reads ‘Chief Operator Walter Gurba’, he won the ATB award for ‘Home Ice Hero’, and even if you didn’t ask, he would tell you that Delton has the best ice in all of Edmonton- emphasizing that we were better than Alberta Avenue. This hall was a huge part of his legacy, and  he will be missed indefinitely. 

Thank you so much to Farid (previously vice-president) for stepping up and assuming the role of president for the remainder of the year.

The rink is closed for the season.



12325 88th Street

​Edmonton, AB T5B 3P2

​Tel: 780-477-3326

​Fax: 780-477-3826


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We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Community League volunteers!


You are a special group of people who work endless hours to help your Community be the successful Community that it is!




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